The Arcanum is a group of formally alligned wizards, scholars and sages devoted to the archival of all knowledge – be it magical, philosophical or mundane – within the Alabaster Library of The City of Celestia.

Membership is earned upon the creation of a work of scholarship deemed acceptable by the Arcanum’s Rectors, life-time appointees who vet prospective scholarly work.

The colonial effort to reach The New World and the establishment of Nueva Celestia presented the Arcanum a true opportunity to grow the Alabaster Library’s archives with books – magical books, scientific books, histories – that are literally priceless and unavailable anywhere else on Aithir.

The Arcanum is led by the Archigos, who serves as its master. Beneath the Archigos fall the Senior members of the Illuminators’ Guild, the Celestine Society of Historical Presentation, the Natural Philosophers, the Brothers of Battle and the Occultists. The Rectors, men and women chosen from all of the groups that collectively constitute the Arcanum, are charged with vetting new members for entry and maintaining the Arcanum’s University, housed at the Alabaster Library in The City of Celestia.

Occultists, in particular, have been unable to establish the Arcanum as a de facto Wizard’s Guild since the creation of the position of Archigos as the leader of the Arcanum (rather than the First Mage that led the Arcanum in the past); instead, the The Royal Society of Physiognomy offers just as much money to magicians and wizards, and many decide that formally aligning themselves with The City of Celestia is more desirable than pure research.

The Arcanum dispatched the following members with the colony ships:


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