Ilyandralas, Queen of Fey

IlyandralasIlyandralas, Queen of Fey, disdains stone and gems; all the world is her temple. The Queen of Fey has no need of priests, and asks instead for artists and dreamers to tell tall tales of Fey so that none will forget the Sidhe’s faded glory. Her demesne is love, passion, luck (both good and ill) and madness – and Ilyandralas prizes all amongst her devoted.

Though Ilyandralas disdains priests, she has been known to bind those mortals who especially please or displease her to do her will through glamour and song; though the bards still sing epics dedicated to the Knights of Fey, Ilyandralas’s paladins have not been seen in Celestia for centuries.

People throughout Celestia do not worship Ilyandralas so much as they scorn her people; Ilyandralas’ court was allowed to maintain its nominal sovereignty millennia ago, but only barely. The Celestine Stewards, for approximately three centuries, destroyed her nation with iron and blood. Sidhe resistance to Celestine rule ended when Andromachus Celestinus, 27th First Bishop of the Founder’s Faith and Imperator of the Celestine Legions unleashed Celestia’s strongest weapon, The Undying King. The dread god’s magicks wiped the last standing army of the Sidhe from the face of Aithir.

Celestia decimated the remaining Sidhe. Ilyandralas was forced to divide the strongest remnants of her tattered army under the commands of her son Corellon and husband Labelas, whereupon they faced banishment. The First Mage of Celestia crafted floating prisons to bear them away – and, though the crafting of such artifacts has since been lost to the world of men, these Sky-Cities were sufficient to bear Corellon, Labelas and their dispirited armies away from the Celestine region.

Worship of Ilyandralas is disorganized, and believed in Celestia to be a youthful or artistic affectation that has plagued the youths of the city since the city’s victory over the Sidhe nation almost 5 millennia earlier. The Queen of Fey cuts a romantic figure; pining for the loss of her absent son, dreaming of a world where a nation that prized beauty and the arts could persist as long as her race.

It should come as no surprise that the more optimistic and naive among the colonists brought the worship of Ilyandralas to Nueva Celestia.

Ilyandralas, Queen of Fey

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