Phaethe, The Healer

PhaetheDivine Sanctuaries are the vernacular name given to the temple-hospitals of Phaethe, The Healer. The patron godess of surgeons, alchemists and chemists, Phaethe is beloved by those who seek to cure the ailments of the body and spirit.

Phaethe’s clergy maintain the best magical and non-magical hospitals in the city of Celestia, and this has carried over to Nueva Celestia, too. No sick man or woman within their power to heal is ever turned away from a Divine Sanctuary, though all are made to pay for Phaethe’s services with either gold or labor.

Divine Sanctuaries can be found anywhere men and women live together in at least moderate numbers; moreover, Phaethe’s priests in Celestia are required to spend at least one year of service making pilgrimages, and numerous young clergy chose to go overseas with the colony.

Many of these wandering priests are hope to be rewarded for their service with postings to larger temples in the Old World that boast nicer amenities, some wanderers speak loudly of their desire to stay in Nueva Celestia. These wanderers believe their mission is their calling, and spend their days ensuring all men and women have access to healing, albeit infrequently.

Phaethe’s healers concern themselves only with ailments of the body and spirit; to raise the dead would be blasphemy, anathema to the Goddess’ teachings. Interest in necromancy is discouraged in the strongest possible terms with new clergy; dabbling with the secrets from beyond the grave is punishable with excommunication.

Phaethe, The Healer

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