The Pale Reaver, Exarch of Death-Militant

Pale reaverThe Pale Reaver, Exarch of Death-Militant, is unique among the Celestine pantheon in that he refuses to be called a god; though he demands the fealty and hearts of the men and women who worship him, The Pale Reaver promises that the souls of the faithful will be his vanguard when he storms the gates of hell.

The priests of The Pale Reaver swear that the Exarch of Death-Militant was once a man. He walked the earth and was styled The Knight of Perdition. He yearned for truth, and swore himself to Death in exchange for the knowledge that would destroy him. What he learned is never spoken of among the faithful.

The Church of Death-Militant was founded as a way to bring hope to the hopeless and purpose to the bereft: there is no sin so dire that the faithful will not join with their lord and his eternal war in hell.

Worship of The Pale Reaver has gained traction in the Celestine region. The absolute certainty provided by Church of Death-Militant became much more palatable to the people of the Old World: it takes the risk out of the afterlife. The martial flair to life after death has made the Church especially appealing to the military caste within the city proper.

This is compounded by the fact that the Church of Death-Militant is explicitly expansionist: The Pale Reaver requires souls to bolster his growing legions upon the plane he calls his home, Dust.

Combat priests of The Pale Reaver favor the double-bladed greataxe in battle: this weapon doubles as the faith’s holy symbol. By contrast, divination is not practiced by the priests of The Pale Reaver: the only visions The Exarch of Death-Militant deigns to grant are of the struggle that the faithful inherit after they shed this mortal coil.

The Pale Reaver, Exarch of Death-Militant

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